See Who’s Behind the Numbers, Editing Content, and More in Our Mobile Experience

We just rolled out some great improvements to our mobile that we hope increases transparency and makes it easier to engage in conversations. Read on to learn how the mobile experience now lets you see who’s behind the numbers, edit your own content, and better engage with others via comments.

See Who’s Behind the Me-Too, Follower, and Star Counts

Your users are naturally curious about who else is in the community and what they think. Who agreed with this idea? Who liked this reply? Who’s following this problem? We’ve displayed counts for quite some time showing the number of other users that have me-too’d a conversation, that are following a conversation, or that have starred replies. The people behind those numbers will no longer be a mystery to your end-users. They can now view a list of the users behind each of those actions in our mobile experience. This has been a long-requested feature that adds important transparency to the conversations happening in your community.

metoo_follower_counts   reply_stars_count   user_list

Editing Your Own Content

We all make typos and mistakes sometimes. That’s why we’ve added the ability for your users to edit and remove the content that they’ve posted in a conversation. They can now edit or remove their conversations, replies, or comments until someone else has replied to them.


Improved Comment Interaction

Comments are an important part of the conversation. When users want to clarify another user’s reply, they can chime in with a comment. We now display comments expanded by default if there are less than four comments on a reply and will show the first and last comment if there are four or more with the ability to expand the rest inline.

comments_collapsed   comments_expanded

What Do You Think?

We hope you like these improvements! As always, let us know what you think in our community.

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