Localized Engage Widgets are Here!

I’m very pleased to announced that our Engage Widgets are now available in all 11 of our supported languages! Communities using our localization feature can now take advantage of our configurable, embeddable widget technology in their preferred language.

As a reminder, localization is available for Small Business and Enterprise plans. Engage Widgets are available for all plans.

Let’s take a look at some things you’ll need to know about localization for Engage Widgets:

New for localized communities

In the Admin section, you’ll now see both a link on the left navigation and a big purple banner across the top that will take you to our Engage Widget configuration tool. As is the case with our other admin features, this tool is only available in English.

Widgets Navigation

Click the link or the banner to get to the Engage Widgets configuration tool.

(If for whatever reason you still want to access our legacy widgets, you can do so by expanding the small black arrow next to the Engage Widgets link in the left navigation bar. We do not plan to localize our legacy widgets.)

Pre-defined Default text

Whether you’re starting a widget configuration from scratch or using one of our existing templates, some of the section headers and sub headers start with some default text in English. You can set these yourself as you see fit.

User-defined text

Some text like these column headers user defined.

Additionally, if you’re using the feedback tab, you can set the text of that tab here:

Feedback Tab

You can set the text of the feedback tab here.

Previewing your widget

The widget preview is an accurate representation (including your community’s real data) of how the widget will look to your end users, so you can poke around and make sure it’s set up to your liking.

Widget preview

Preview of a widget configuration in Spanish

Widget conversation view

Preview of a conversation inside a widget in Spanish

Widgets will be in your community’s set language

Any Engage Widgets you create will automatically inherit the language setting of your community. For example, if you configure a widget while your community is in English, and then change your community to Spanish later, your widget will automatically be converted to be in Spanish.

This also means that you will not be able to have widgets in different languages for any single community.

For more detailed information about specifics regarding widget configuration, please refer to our original Engage Widgets announcement.

We hope you’re excited as we are to start using Engage Widgets in other languages!

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2 comments on “Localized Engage Widgets are Here!
  1. Willemijn Dijkhuizen says:

    Thanks for the localized engage widget!
    One comment though: “2 personer har dette spørsmålet” is not Dutch. Should be: “2 personen hebben deze vraag.”
    Thanks in advance for fixing this!
    Best, Willemijn.

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