Introducing a brand new application for Business Users – The Manage Workspace

We’re very excited to announce the release of a brand new application for business users, built and optimized for the work you do in the community every day! The Manage Workspace, the first of several workspaces we’re adding to the Community Management Console, lets you moderate, curate, respond to, and create conversations in the community all within one space. This application is now available to all business users who have a management seat at no additional cost.  Read on to learn how the Manage Workspace organizes community management functions in one place, simplifies moderation, and enhances your productivity.

Why is moderation important to your community?

Communities are invaluable assets for support, product, and marketing teams because they put the voice of the customer squarely in the middle of your organization and they are a crowd sourced content generation machine. Community members and company representatives generate fresh content that answers questions, provides feedback, and builds knowledge. But this content is only useful if the quality is high and customers can easily find it!  Activities like providing thoughtful and timely replies, merging conversations that discuss the same topic, splitting divergent replies into new conversations, and archiving conversations that are no longer relevant keeps your community tuned and effective.  With the new Manage Workspace, you have a more powerful tool to do so.

Multiple workspaces to manage your community

We’re building a set of tools–Workspaces–for business users, and collectively they make up our new Community Management Console. They are:
  • Manage Workspace–all-new and the first in the suite, a comprehensive tool for managing community content

  • Analyze Workspace–home to Community Health Analytics, and future home of new reports, dashboards, and insights

  • Configure Workspace–community setup, configuration, and administration


Manage workspace is the first workspace that is showcased in this release. Content visibility and management are critical for successful communities. While keeping this in mind, we wanted to provide business users with a simple and easy-to-use application that would assist them in reaching this goal. Manage workspace provides a unified view of community content with all management capabilities built in.

Manage workspace key wins

There are three important capabilities this workspace offers.

1. View the content that matters to you

Community managers, product managers, support managers all have different priorities when it comes to the community.  Manage Workspace is designed to let different business users filter community content to meet their needs. You can filter by conversation type, sentiment, state, date range, tag, and moderation status. If you’re a support manager and you want to see only problems created today that have no employee response, you can do so.  If you’re a product manager and want to see ideas for your product created this week, you can do that too.  If you want to see questions that have been tagged as “pre-sales” and include the name of your competitor, you can even do that.


2. Perform all moderation functions from one place 

Manage Workspace is designed to perform all moderation and curation functions.  You no longer need to jump between the management view and the community application to compose new conversations and company updates, reply to conversations, merge, fork, archive, categorize and tag. Having all this power in one place makes your work more efficient.


3. Quickly jump between overview and detail

Content is shown in a familiar overview table of filtered results (you can even customize the columns shown in the overview grid), but with a single click you can drill into the conversation details. You can perform bulk operations (like archive) on selected conversations from the overview, then drill in to see all replies, comments, tags and category settings.


Access Manage Workspace today!

All Employees and Champions who have a Management Seat are able to access the Manage Workspace via the Manage item in the community navigation bar.


What’s Next?

Manage Workspace is a full featured application that will provide you a ton of value right away.  But we’re not done!  Not only will we be adding new features to this workspace, but we’ll also be adding people management soon.  Using the same filtered view facility from content management, you will be able to filter and view information about your community members.  Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming enhancements to the Community Management Console!

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