Getting Started – Community Setup in 3 Simple Steps

We are very excited about our new Getting Started! app that we launched over the holidays.

Getting Started is a quick way to create, seed, and grow a new community. The app helps community owners fill their communities with all the elements that we know help communities flourish: relevant, engaging content and a supportive, active user base. As an admin, you can build your community in three easy steps. First, configure the basic details describing the community.  Second, you can seed the community with pre-existing content. And finally, you can invite customers and partners to join and participate. We also guide you through the process with helpful tips, tracking your progress for you with a handy task list. Below you can find out more about what to expect from this new app and how to get started!

Get started in 3 easy steps
As soon as you signup for a new community, you’ll automatically be redirected to the Getting Started app. You will be provided with a quick overview of tasks to complete. As you complete each task, our friendly robot, JarGon, will offer helpful tips to make the process easier. In addition if you need to continue your setup process at another time, you can easily access the app by clicking on the Getting Started link in your community’s admin section.

The first step in the app is Setup. Here, you can upload your company’s logo, describe your community, update your business hours of operation, and add links to other resources and social media sites your brand participates in. This is a great way for you to tell your customers what you’re hoping to achieve with your community, set the tone for conversations, and link to existing assets.

Once you’ve added company specific information, seed your community by creating categories and topics of conversation and assigning one or more of these categories to the newly created topics. Categories can be products that your company sells or services that you offer. Topics of conversations are questions, problems, ideas and praise that the Get Satisfaction platform supports. Use questions or problems to share pre-existing FAQ content or share praise or ideas that you previously received from your customers. Once topics are created, share them easily in your Twitter stream or Facebook Fan page.

Based on an analysis of hundreds of communities, we’ve found that communities with 20 or more conversations have significantly higher engagement and user participation levels. Customers are highly likely to post in those communities that have high engagement level and active employee participation with the anticipation that their questions will be answered. In addition, seeding your community with topics of conversation is an excellent way of surfacing your community to people who are searching for you via other search engines such as Google.

Now that you have seeded your community, you are one step away from an engaged community. Use the invite section to invite prospects and existing customers to contribute to the community. The invite functionality provides a quick way to select contacts from your Gmail account and automatically creates a friendly welcome message with a link to your community that you can send to your contacts. The welcome email gets sent using your own email client, so you can customize the message before sending it.

Get Started today!
This app is currently available to all communities on all plan levels with the exception of FastPass/Private communities. Creating and setting up a successful community is now only three steps away.


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