Community Health Analytics 2.0

We are excited to announce a new version of Community Health Analytics (CHA) that we launched in Beta over the holidays!

Community Health Analytics is a rich analytics solution that lets you (as a business user) gain insights about your community and use metrics to derive better results for your business. Using the CHA dashboard, you can drive product innovation, and deliver a better customer experience.

This product is offered in two formats: an Enterprise Dashboard offered to enterprise customers who have purchased this option, and a Small Business Dashboard that is included on all small business plans (and available to enterprise customers who have not purchased the Enterprise Dashboard).

What is new?

The latest version of the product uses single sign on (SSO) to let you view all your metrics within the Get Satisfaction platform. User management is automatically taken care of by the app. That means when a new employee or moderator joins the community, they are automatically given access to the CHA dashboard.

Key Metrics
The dashboard provides a variety of metrics you can use to drive your community management process.

1) Determine your Community Health: You can view basic usage metrics such as page views (broken down by page type), new users, new topics, user activity, topic activity, NPS score. You can use these metrics to help identify trends in the community as it relates to both topics and users. Many of these metrics are based on your own Google Analytics tracking codes embedded into the community–we pull that data and use it to calculate the community health values.


2) Monetize your Community Data: Using the metrics found in the search analytics tab, you can now get insight into what your customers and prospects are looking for, who are your champions, and which active users are good candidates to become champions. You can pinpoint products of interest and gauge the sentiment in the community.


3) Help meet Service Level Agreements (SLA’s): You can see metrics related to response rates–how quickly to new topics do consumers and community managers reply? In addition, using metrics found in the leaderboard section, you can see which employees are most efficient. The Self Organization metric tells you what percentage of questions are self-solved verses requiring employee involvement. By looking at the Topics by Hour Created, you can see when consumers are most engaged and when you might need to add more support help.


4) Know Who and Where your Customers are: Now you can see how a user gets to your community (for example, via direct navigation or via search). You can also see the consumer touchpoints that are most active–the Get Satisfaction Web App, an Engage widget embedded in your website, mobile users, or social media.


If the multitude of built-in reports aren’t enough, you can now modify existing reports, build custom reports, and view the metrics over a wide date range (depending on your plan type). You can download these reports in various formats and share them with key stakeholders within your organization.

Major feature comparison between the Small Business and Enterprise Dashboard

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