Product Specific Engage Widgets Are Now Available on All Paid Plans

Example Engage topic list widget filtered by a product

We’re happy to announce that we just released a great enhancement for our standard plans, including Start, Grow, and Connect, that allows them to create Engage widgets targeted based on one or more products in their community.

With this new capability, if you’re a company that supports multiple products or features in your community, you can now offer a more targeted community experience on your website, in your product, or in any web-based experience you have for your customers. The product filtering feature allows you to filter all content in the Engage widgets by one or more products that you’ve created in your community.  In addition, all new topics that get posted to the community from that widget will automatically be tagged with the products you specify.  Enterprise plans have benefited from this feature since we first launched Engage back in May, so we’re excited to extend this to all of our paid plans.

Here are three examples of how you can use a product specific Engage widget:

1. Answer common product questions in a shopping cart flow
If your customers have specific questions about a product they’re evaluating, they can get answers from the community right in the shopping cart flow.  You can create a topic search or feedback widget filtered by that product that will allow users to ask their questions without interrupting the purchase flow.  The content returned by the widget will all be relevant because it will be scoped to just the product they’re evaluating.

2. Publish praise on your marketing website
Leverage all the great compliments your advocates are giving your products by publishing them on your website.  For instance, you can create a topic list widget filtered by a particular product that displays recent praise about that product.  Publish the widget on your marketing site’s product detail page to always have fresh word-of-mouth content displayed right as prospects are forming an opinion about your product.

3. Collect and surface feedback inside your web-based products
If you have one or more web-based products, you can include a widget that allows you to collect feedback from directly within your user experience.  You can surface commonly asked questions where they’re needed the most — when users are interacting with your application.  For instance, if you have contextual help in an admin screen or on a particularly tricky feature of your product, you can include a topic list widget that displays questions only about that particular feature.

Get Started Today!  Configuration’s a Snap.
As you configure your Engage widgets, you’ll now see an additional setting under the Topic filtering options section titled Choose products and services to filter content by.  You can choose one or more products to filter the widget by.  All content displayed in the widget, including any topic lists or search results, will be filtered based on the selected products and services.  Only topics that have these products and services will be displayed.  In addition, new topics that are posted from that particular widget will automatically be tagged with those products and services.

Engage Admin Configuration


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4 comments on “Product Specific Engage Widgets Are Now Available on All Paid Plans
  1. Jeff Ong says:

    So, can you create a single widget that allows you to pass a SKU to it? Or do you literally have to create a unique widget for each SKU you want to display? If we have several hundred products, I’d want to be able to create a single widget, and pass the SKU programmatically to that widget, as a parameter. Is that an option?

    • Steven Pal says:

      That’s not currently an option. But we’ve received that request from others, so it’s something we’re considering for the roadmap. Appreciate the feedback!

  2. Victor Shoud says:

    Can someone point me to a list of websites where I could see the GetSatisfaction Widget in action? I’d really appreciate it!

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