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We’re happy to announce that we’ve added support for Gravatar that allows users to more easily upload an avatar image to their Get Satisfaction profile.  If you’re not familiar with Gravatar, it’s the default avatar system used for all WordPress installations, including the open source version, hosted version, and  In addition, Gravatars are used in many other social applications across the web, including StackOverflow, Disqus, and GitHub.  With millions of avatar images being served up per day by Gravatar, it made complete sense to add support for it.  But it wasn’t our idea, it was yours!

Support for Gravatars was one of the most requested features in our community (with over 340 people supporting the idea).  One of our engineers, Piotr Biegaj, who’s passionate about responding to feedback from our community, decided to implement support for Gravatars on a hack-day a few weeks back.

Using your Gravatar with just one click

Upload your Gravatar with one click

When users edit their profile now, they will see an additional action they can take to upload a photo using their Gravatar.  Next to their profile image, there is now a link that says “use my Gravatar”.  When the user clicks on the link, we’ll check to see if there is a Gravatar image associated with the user’s primary email address.  If so, we’ll download their Gravatar automatically.  If not, we’ll display a message letting them know that they should upload their avatar image manually instead.


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