Updated Topics API

Get Satisfaction is happy to announce an update to the Topics API endpoint. With this update topic moderation status and social source data is returned by the API.

Topic Moderation

Moderation & Curation Actions

Community Managers are encouraged to regularly perform moderation and curation in their community to keep the content relevant and findable, and for overall organization and tidiness in the community. Check the Community Resource Guide for best practices on when to perform moderation actions.

The GET Topics API response now returns Topic Archived, Removed, and Spam statuses in addition to the Closed status that it already returned. Each status returns true or false based on the moderation actions performed on the topic.

Example Topic response (JSON):

Topics API

Social Media Source

Using the Get Satisfaction Hootsuite integration when a Tweet or a Facebook post is shared in the Community as a topic, the social source reference to the original content is also stored with the topic. By adding an additional parameter (?social_source=true) to the GET Topics call following social source details are returned:

  • name: Name of the Social site (ex: Twitter, Facebook, etc),
  • user: Creator of the original post on the social site
  • created_at: When the original post was created
  • url:  and a link to the original content is returned with the topic details.

Example Topics API Response with Social Source:

Need more information about the Get Satisfaction API? Check the API documentation and the Get Satisfaction Developer Community.


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