Enhancements to our HootSuite Integration

This summer, Get Satisfaction released two important integrations: a new Yammer integration and an enhanced HootSuite integration.

The newest Get Satisfaction/HootSuite integration allows you as a community manager to monitor and moderate your communities within a HootSuite stream, alongside of the other social networks you’ve added to your HootSuite dashboard. Using the enhanced HootSuite integration, you can now create new topics from Tweets and Facebook wall posts into your Get Satisfaction community, as well as respond to them, with a minimal number of clicks. You can also quickly search your community for existing topics and share them with your customers without ever leaving the HootSuite stream.

Monitoring Your Community from Within HootSuite
Log into your HootSuite dashboard and install the Get Satisfaction application from their App Directory. Once installed, add your community stream to one of your HootSuite tabs, or create a new one!

Hootsuite dashboard

Create Topics via HootSuite

Once you’ve installed the app, you can easily import a Tweet or a Facebook wall post directly into your Get Satisfaction community. Use the “Send to GetSat” button located in the message drop down, and follow the onscreen instructions to create your new topic and reply to it.

Monitoring Get Satisfaction stream in HootsuiteReply to Topics via HootSuite

Now that you’ve got your Get Satisfaction community set up within HootSuite, you can easily reply to topics while monitoring your other social channels. Topics in your community stream will flow in reverse chronological order, so you’ll always have the newest activity at the top of the stream.

If you’re creating a brand new topic from a Tweet or Facebook wall post, you’ll have the option to respond to the topic as you’re creating it.

What’s the value of this integration?
This integration is, truly, a win-win for everyone. With topics showing up in your team’s HootSuite dashboards in real time, your customers will get a quicker response and your community managers will have one less browser window open as well. Also, when you import content from Facebook and Twitter into your community, you’ll have the option to give your customers as detailed of an explanation that their question requires, tools to help guide the conversation to resolution, and indexed content available to help out other users who may have the same questions.

Ready to get started?

This integration is available on all paid Get Satisfaction plans, and is available on all HootSuite dashboard plans. Check out this post in the Get Satisfaction community for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the integration.

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