Get Satisfaction Engage, Our New Widget Architecture is Here!

We are thrilled to announce that our Get Satisfaction Engage widgets are now available to our customers across all plan types ranging from Basic to Enterprise. We listened to feedback from our customers over the past month while the product has been in private release, feedback from face-to-face product demonstrations, as well as independent research with over 750 active online consumers. We learned that you and your customers want three key things from our product:

  • Rich, relevant, easy to access online community conversations and content tailored to support, marketing, product feedback and e-commerce needs
  • Seamless, contextual experience anywhere customers interact across a company’s web site, partner sites or landing pages
  • Easy configuration and deployment

Why Engage?

You know how important it is to have an open conversation with your customers about your brand, to offer them a community where they are encouraged to share their feedback with you. What better place to have a conversation about your brand than on your own website?  In fact, our research shows that the #1 place your customers look for community engagement is on your web site!

With Get Satisfaction Engage you can bring community to your website with just a couple of clicks. Choose from an assortment of widget types that fit your needs, select which topics you want to highlight, preview your fully functional widget and voilà – we’ll give you a little piece of code to put on your website and our SaaS application takes care of the rest.

With Engage, your customers will be able to participate in the community without ever leaving your site. They’ll see the hottest topics being discussed, vote on ideas, answer questions, and discover content that will draw them closer to your product, marketing content, e-commerce areas and the support needs of your site.

What this means is that all community interactions happen within your website, so the user gets the best of both worlds and your customers’ time on site increases.

Tired of static FAQ lists that seem to show stale content as soon as they are published? Swap them with Get Satisfaction Engage to show the most frequently asked questions by your community.

Not sure you’re ready to let go of content control just yet? We’ve got your back – simply apply a private tag to your Engage filter and we’ll only show content that has been selected by you!

E-Commerce and Marketing
There’s nothing like word-of-mouth marketing to help users make a purchase decision! With Get Satisfaction Engage you’ll be able to show relevant questions and praise from the community right at the point of sale, without the risk of taking your customers away from the shopping flow. All of the community interaction happens in-context, so users can get the information they need without leaving your site.

Product Feedback
Want to get user feedback right from the Product page? Use Get Satisfaction Engage to encourage users to give you new ideas or vote on existing ones.

How does Get Satisfaction Engage work?

Engage is easy to configure, you just need to follow the user-friendly wizard.

Step 1: Create a new or edit an existing Engage widget

You can create as many Engage widgets as you need, or you can edit an existing one.
Engage - Step 1

Step 2: Select Content Blocks

Add anywhere from 1-6 content blocks to build your Get Satisfaction Engage widget, depending on your needs.Engage Step 2 - Content Module

Content Block Use
Feedback Overlay/Form
Includes a form to let users create new content and also features a list of hot topics. Can appear in modal or embedded form.
Collect feedback on a specific page seamlessly (embedded) or without taking real estate (modal)
Topic List
A list of topics that match the desired criteria. Can be filtered to only show topics associated with a specific product.
Display the most recent questions/ideas about a product to show vitality of the community.Display the most popular questions from the community.
Topic Search
A search box that looks for possible matches in topics, replies, and products.
Let users search community content in the context of your website, using minimal real estate.
User Topics
A list of all topics a user created in the community.
Important for App/Game pages, where you want users to see replies to their questions in context.
Preset Topics (Available for Enterprise Plans Only)
Similar to Topic List, but filtered by Private Tags.
Important for E-commerce to showcase content that helps customers make purchase decisions.
Company Updates
A banner or list that only shows company updates.
Add to any page where it’s important the user know of something official.

Step 3: Choose Layout Options

As you select content blocks for your Engage widget, you’ll be presented with different layout options. Feel free to move blocks around to highlight content in the most relevant way.

Engage Step 2 - Layout Settings

Step 4: Choose Layout Options

This is where you can really configure your Engage widget to include only the content you want. It’s easy to show or hide a certain topic type, prioritize content that has been marked with a certain status, and change the sorting to highlight the most relevant topics.

Step 5: Filter Topics Associated with Products or Private Tags (Available for Enterprise Plans Only)

With Products and Private tags you can surface content associated with a specific product and/or private tag giving you complete control over what content displays in the widget.

Step 6: Choose Visual Style (Available for Enterprise Plans Only)

Last, but certainly not least, change the font and colors of your Get Satisfaction Engage widget to make it look just like the rest of your website including the ability to remove the Get Satisfaction logo and add your company logo.

Engage Step 2 - Visual Style

Step 7: Pick a name and save your configuration

Once you have previewed your configurations and are happy with all of your choices, the final step is to save your Get Satisfaction Engage widget. We’ll give you a little piece of code that you can put in your website.


Engage - Choose Name

Engage Step 3 - Code Snippet

That’s it!

Here’s what the widget can look like:

One and Done

The most exciting detail about the new Engage widgets is that once you deploy them on your site, you won’t need to touch them again. If you want to change your configurations later on, all you need to do is edit the widget via the same easy-to-follow wizard and your website is automatically updated!

No more need to contact IT and spend cycles trying to get the community content to show up “just right”.

How do you get Engage?

Login to the Admin section of your Get Satisfaction Community and look for the banner announcing the arrival of Get Satisfaction Engage. We hope you enjoy your new Get Satisfaction Engage widgets and we’re looking forward to your feedback as we strive to continually improve the product to meet your needs.



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