Get Satisfaction Facebook Timeline App Tiles Available for Download

March 30th really crept up on us, didn’t it?  Facebook is switching over all personal profile and brand pages to use the new Timeline layout today.  Many companies proactively switched over to the timeline layout weeks ago after Facebook’s announcement at FMC.  But as of today, whether you want it or not, Timeline will be the mandatory layout of all brand pages.

To help you prep for the transition, we posted an article about how to best incorporate Get Satisfaction into your Timeline — 3 Steps to Get the Most Out of Get Satisfaction and Timeline.  We shared three simple steps to best leverage Get Satisfaction in the new layout:

  1. Feature your Get Satisfaction app in the top 3 apps (next to Photos).
  2. Choose a short, simple, easy-to-understand name for the app.
  3. Customize your app icon with a call to action.

The first two should only take a minute or two for you to do.  But if you find yourself scrambling on the third (trying create a custom icon for the Get Satisfaction app tile), you’re in luck!  This is one time when procrastinating really pays off.  Our resident designer, Sarah Berchild, pulled together several sample app tiles that you can use on your own brand page for the Get Satisfaction app.

Here they are (you can right-click to Save As):


Download All: (right-click to Save As)

Happy Timelining!

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  1. SWEET! Thanks for making these.

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