3 Steps to Get the Most Out of Facebook Timeline and Get Satisfaction

Facebook is keeping us all on our toes!  At the Facebook Marketing Conference held two weeks ago in New York, Facebook announced some important changes that brands can expect on their brand pages.  The biggest change was the introduction of Timeline, which is intended to make pages more engaging and more social.  As of March 30th, all brand pages will be transitioned into the new Timeline format.

You’re likely trying to make sense of all these changes and wondering how your Get Satisfaction community fits in.  The best way to start integrating your Get Satisfaction community experience into Facebook, if you haven’t already, is to install Get Satisfaction’s Facebook app on your brand page.  Our app gives your brand page fans a way to engage you in productive discussions from directly within Facebook.

Installing the app is a great first start, but we have a few best practices for you to maximize the value you get out of it.  Specifically, here are 3 simple steps to get the most out of Get Satisfaction’s Facebook app in Timeline:

1) Feature your Get Satisfaction app in the top 3 apps (next to Photos).

With 4 apps appearing right at the top of the Timeline below your cover image, apps are now much more prominent and visible to your users,. The first, Photos, is defaulted for all fan pages.  So that leaves you with 3 apps to highlight.  Be sure to feature your Get Satisfaction app as one of the 3 top apps on your page.  Apps that aren’t in the top 4 only appear when your customers drill into the app listing, which many won’t do.  Your Get Satisfaction app is much more discoverable in this featured position.

In particular, featuring the Get Satisfaction app at the top is a great way to funnel users into an engagement channel that flows easily into your existing support processes. In fact, we were amazed that one of our customers saw an over 200% increase in visitors to their support tab after they switched to Timeline and featured the app at the top.  This simple step pays off in huge ways. You get the benefit of deflecting customers away from posting support questions via the new private messaging feature or posting on your Wall (or Timeline) while also getting the longer lived community interactions that appear in organic search results.

2) Choose a short, simple, easy-to-understand name for the app.

Facebook gives you the ability to customize the display name of all of your apps, including Get Satisfaction’s.  When you install your Get Satisfaction Facebook app you’ll be able to choose from five different defaults, including Support, Discussion, Suggestions, Feedback, and Q&A.  But you have the option to choose something that’s even more reflective of the types of interactions and engagement you want from your customers — and that’s reflective of your brand.  For example, Pampers customized their app name to be “Ask Pampers” and Claro Nicaragua customized theirs to be “Consultas” (as they’re using the Spanish version of the app).  You’ll have to be concise though as the app’s name will get truncated if it’s too long.  So get creative and test out a few different options.

3) Customize your app icon with a call to action.

You can now customize the app image that appears in the app tile, so you can easily make it fit your brand now. In addition, you can include a call-to-action for your customers, so they both know what to expect from the experience and are encouraged to get engaged.

As an example, Walmart did a great job with customizing their app’s image with a “What’s on your mind?” prompt. We did something similar on our own Timeline page. The Draw Something community kept things in the true spirit of their game by drawing a simple question mark for their Get Satisfaction app.  Get creative and let your customers know how and where to engage you!


March 30th is right around the corner!

The clock’s ticking to the Timeline transition for all fan pages, but these 3 simple steps should only take a couple minutes to complete. So do try them out! And we’d love to hear what you’ve done with your Timeline design (as we learn so much from our customers). So please let us know!

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