Bringing HTTPS to our Community Pages

Increased security for customer data and especially personal information is very important to Get Satisfaction. This week we rolled out a behind the scenes change to our content servers to display communities using HTTPS connections. This means that community data will be encrypted using industry-wide standards when it is exchanged with our servers.

As we explored how to make this change, it was clear that we wanted to keep all of our communities working exactly as they are now, except more secure. This poses an interesting challenge in the case of communities that have a domain alias that masks our “” URL. For domain aliased communities, we will shortly be offering the ability to upload an SSL Certificate to the Get Satisfaction server. Until then, these communities will continue to use HTTP for minimal service interruption.

As an engineering team, we want to stress our continued commitment to security. This change brings us increased confidence in the security of our (and your) customers’ data. Please feel free to chime in on this topic in the developers’ community which is where we will explore the details of the HTTPS change.

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