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Imagine you placed our Feedback widget on your product page and now you’re getting lots of questions and ideas from your customers. You are excited that your community isgrowing and you’re getting really relevant input from the folks who use your product on a daily basis.

But then someone reports a problem. You send it over to the engineers and they tell you “I need the browser info to troubleshoot this”. You don’t know the user’s browser info, so you have to ask them for more information. Two days later the user responds “what’s a browser?”.

Well, now you won’t have to go through this anymore!

Starting today, all of the topics created via the Feedback widget will automatically capture the user’s browser info, which will be included in the Topic View for all moderators to see.

This information will also be included in the new topic notification emails (see more information about our Product Follow feature here).

We understand that this information is very useful in the context of a topic, but we also think that aggregating browser information for ALL topics is even cooler. You can envision being able to tease out if one particular browser version is causing issues with your product.

Building this capability would delay our launch, so we decided to go ahead without it, but it’s certainly something we want to offer in the future.

As always, let us know if you like this feature and what else we could be doing to make things easier for you to manage your community!

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2 comments on “Widgets and Browser Information
  1. scofield says:

    It’s convenient for the engineers to get the information they need to troubleshoot. In Avant browser forums, I see they need their users to note their browser version IE version and system information in their profiles. These are important information. I think Avant can make this Feedback widget into their forums. It will helpful.

  2. Thank you so much! This feature has been sorely needed for a long time. This will really help us a lot. Cheers!

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