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Somewhere in a company near you,  conversations like these are going on:

Community Manager: Did you see that question on our community about your product?

Product Manager: No. I was getting too many email notifications about stuff that wasn’t about my product, so I turned off all notifications. What was it about?


Champion: I really feel passionate about your product. Is there a way I can get notified when new topics are created, so I can jump into the conversation?

Community Manager: Thanks for your enthusiasm, but I don’t know how to do it…

Starting today, these conversations will have a different ending. We just launched Product Follow, a way for all community members to get notifications when a new topic is created for a specific product.

Simply visit a product page like this one and click on the Follow button (note that the button will only show if you’re logged in).

Once you’re following a product, every new question, idea, problem or praise that is associated with it will trigger an email notification to you that looks like this:

That’s it! Let us know what you think!

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3 comments on “Follow Products on Get Satisfaction communities
  1. Vickie Schira says:

    Feedback: when you follow a product and you get an email, the email includes the name of the product. If you get the email because you have the “notify me of all new topics” option set, the email does NOT have the product. I would like to see both emails give the product. I’m not sure why these are different. Because of this, I STILL have no way to find posts where no product was selected. 🙁

  2. emmakloof says:

    I think its a great addition to the current service and will create more value for its users! Great work!

  3. vrouw vinden says:

    I really don’t know if more notifications will work. People are getting so many mails already!

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