JIRA Integration Beta Testers Needed

We’re happy to announce that we just started a private beta program for our new integration with JIRA.  And we’re looking for testers!

The Get Satisfaction for JIRA integration allows you to import content from your community into your JIRA instance with a click of a button.  Plus, you can respond to topics from directly within JIRA and keep the status of the topic automatically synced up with that of the issue in JIRA.

With the new integration, you can:

  • Create a new JIRA issue from a Get Satisfaction topic
  • Reply to a topic in Get Satisfaction from directly within JIRA
  • Automatically route new JIRA issues to the most appropriate JIRA project based on the product tagging in Get Satisfaction
  • Automatically update the status of the Get Satisfaction topic when the resolution status of the JIRA issue changes
  • View JIRA issue status from directly within Get Satisfaction

JIRA is one of our most requested integrations, so we’re excited to get this beta program off the ground.  If you’re interested in joining, please let us know here.

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One comment on “JIRA Integration Beta Testers Needed
  1. i’ve notify some of my friends that you’re looking for testers.
    maybe the’ll join you.

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