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You’re a community manager. First thing in the morning you visit the Management View to see what’s new in the community, and there’s a new question regarding a specific product you offer. You know you answered a similar question last month, so you try to search for it. But your product is popular and you get hundreds of results. What do you do?

Starting this week, you can use the new “Participating Users” filter in the Management View:

Here’s how it works:

  • Start typing the name of a user and we’ll auto-complete the rest for you
  • Select as many users as you want. We’ll show you the avatar of the user, with a link to his/her dashboard, so you know you have the right person
  • Include a search keyword or any other filter, as needed
  • Hit “Apply”

Your results will be filtered to include all topics that were created or replied to by any of the users you selected. If you’ve added other filters – search term, dates, topic type, etc – these will work with the user filter, guaranteeing you get the results you need.

Other cool uses of this feature are:

  1. You’re training a new community manager on your team. You want to quickly see how many topics he or she is participating in, and check the tone of the replies so you can give appropriate feedback.
  2. You think it’s about time you give someone in your community a Champion badge, but you want to review his or her content before you commit to it.
  3. You want to archive content that was created by someone who no longer works for your organization.

How else would you use this feature? Share your tips and tricks with us!

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